Carat Weight

Diamond Pendants are measured in carat weight for valuation purposes.  The more carats typically the higher the price.


Below are diamond bracelet carat weight ranges:

.24 CT and under Diamond Pendant

Pendants are very versatile pieces of jewelry.  Pendants with very small amounts of diamonds are common as they can be incorporated into and endless number of themes.

.25 to .32 CT Diamond Pendant

Pendants in this carat range are often a small, solitaire pendant

.33 to .49 CT Diamond Pendant

Diamond pendants in this carat range could be solitaire or crushed diamonds in a larger design.

.50 to .75 CT Diamond Pendant

Diamond pendants become more expensive when you enter into this carat range especially if the diamond's "4 C's" are of high quality.

.75 to 1 CT Diamond Pendant

This pendant range gets fairly expensive with pendants often selling for greater than $10,000

1 CT or greater Diamond Pendant

Depending upon the style and exact carat weight, pendants in excess of 1 CT can command prices north of $100,000.  These very high end pendants can be designed with multiple gemstones including sapphires and rubies.

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