Diamond pendants are jewelry ornaments that adorn a necklace but can also be adorned on other pieces of jewelry.

Pendants are amongst the oldest form of jewelry, and there have been fragments of pendants dating back to the stone age. 


Diamonds, known for the unique ability to refract light, have existed in Indian culture for thousands of years.  It is supposed diamond jewelry in some form, perhaps diamond pendants, date back thousands of years.

Diamonds are the hardest substance known to man, hence, jewelers love to incorporate diamonds into pendants not only for their sparkle, but also their durability. 


Diamond pendants are the most common type of gemstone pendant, and in American culture diamond pendants are amongst the most common type of ornament to adorn a gold necklace.

Diamond pendants can be relatively inexpensive if they are small, but the larger the diamond pendant typically the larger the price tag.  The quality of the diamond within the diamond pendant is also critical in assessing the diamond pendant's value.

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