Brief History

Diamond jewelry dates back to Ancient India, thousands of years ago.  Ancient Indians were fascinated with the way diamonds refracted light, and sparkled.  They also believed diamonds had special healing powers.

Pendants are the of the earliest forms of jewelry dating back approximately years 40,000 to the stone age, according to Wikipedia.  Diamond pendants were most likely one of the most earliest forms of diamond jewelry.

It is believed that Alexander the Great brought back diamonds from India around 330 BC, although diamonds apparently didn't catch on in Europe until around 1100 AD.  Cutting diamonds into their smaller, more natural state didn't start happening until the middle ages, or a few hundred years later.

Royal crowns became adorned with diamond and gemstone pendants during the middle ages, and it became more common for royalty in Europe to gift diamond jewelry.

In modern times diamond pendants are tremendously popular adorned on gold chains, and multi gemstone pendants with diamonds, sapphires, and rubies are becoming more commonplace.

Diamond pendant themes, which once only consisted of a single solitaire diamond, are now unlimited.  

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