Diamond Pendants are typically encased or afixed in gold or sterling silver. 


Below are the most common metals used to afix a diamond pendant to a necklace:

White Gold

White gold is the most common metal used in modern day diamond pendants.


Sterling Silver

Pendants typically match better with a "white" metal, hence, sterling silver is a popular option to set a diamond pendant.  Simulated diamond pendants are more often set in sterling silver.

Yellow Gold


Yello gold is tradtional, and still a popular option for a diamond pendant setting.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is also a popular tint of gold that enthusiasts use for setting a diamond pendant.


Diamond pendants may also be set in platinum, although far less common than gold or sterling silver.

Metal Purity

Diamond Pendants are most commonly set in the metal gold.  Below are common gold purity percentages for gold settings.  Please note alloys are typically silver, copper, and zinc, although palladium may also be used.

10K Gold Diamond Pendant

Gold = 41.7%

Alloys = 58.3%


14K Gold Diamond Pendant

Gold = 58.3%

Alloys = 41.7%

18K Gold Diamond Pendant


Gold = 75%

Alloys = 25%

22K Gold Diamond Pendant

Gold = 91.67%

Alloys = 8.33%

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