There are literally an infinite number diamond pendant styles, as diamond pendants can be custom made to anyone's liking.  Below are a couple of the most popular diamond pendant styles:

Diamond Solitaire Pendants

Diamond solitaire pendants are diamond pendants comprised of one, sole diamond.  Larger carat, or weight, diamond solitaire pendants can command prices north of $1 million.

Diamond Heart Pendants

Diamond heart pendants are simply heart shaped pendants encrusted with small diamonds.  The diamonds can be very small and encircle the whole heart pendant.  The diamond heart pendant can also be primarily metal with one larger diamond incorporated into the pendant design.

Diamond Cross Pendants

Diamond cross pendants are pendants designed in the shape of a cross.  This is an example of many different styles of religious themed pendants.  There are many different designs and can be customized.

Diamond Hand Pendants

Diamond hand pendants are an example of an amulet pendant.  These pendants are designed in the shape of a "hand", and the origins going back to ancient Middle Eastern times.

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